This is one of 521 statements on Factopolis made by 74 people, including 345 by Donald Trump.

  • It is riddled with loopholes that let some special interests – including myself, in all fairness. This is going to cost me a fortune, this thing – believe me. Believe me, this is not good for me.


    Trump Wouldn't Benefit From GOP Tax Plan
    Since he hasn’t released his taxes it’s difficult to analyze this, but his leaked 2005 returns show he would definitely benefit from abolishing the AMT, and his heirs would benefit from abolishing the estate tax.

    Donald Trump has made this claim at least 3 times, from 2017-09-27 thru 2017-11-09.

    Fact Checks

    • The information we do have — the partial 2005 return — shows his claim of losing a fortune on the tax bill is poppycock.
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