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Offices Held

  1. Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from California's 23rd district (2013-)
  2. Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from California's 22nd district (2007-2013)
  3. Member of the California State Assembl from the 32nd district (2002-2006)


  1. First, it lets every American keep more of what they earn.


    Every American Would Receive a Tax Cut Under the GOP Plan
    Most would, though about 8% would see an increase of more than $100 immediately. Furthermore, lower-income taxpayers would see their cuts turn to increases within a few years.
    1. Paul Ryan Paul Ryan

    Fact Checks

    • Individual taxpayers’ situations will be affected differently by provisions in the bill, and for 2018 alone, the committee found that 8 percent of taxpayers would pay more in taxes. That translates to millions of Americans.
  2. Well first of all, think about this: you need to look at the tax plan and the totality of the entire, of not just one simple deduction. Look it at overall, at what it does. And then think of this: is it fair that other states subsidize states that have high state taxes? Because look at California. California is one of the most mis-managed, high-taxed state in the nation, and they use an argument inside that capitol that “Let’s raise taxes, because you can write it off on your federal income tax.” Well that’s not fair for all of America. It would actually encourage states to manage their states better. So I think it’s fair, and when you look at the entire total tax bill, you’ll know at the end of the day: it’s fair, it’s more competitive, and in the process it’s simpler for everyone.


    Low-Tax States Subsidize High-Tax States Through the SALT Deduction
    High-tax states tend to get back much less from federal taxes than low-tax states.
    1. Steve Mnuchin Steve Mnuchin
    2. Mick Mulvaney Mick Mulvaney
    3. Sean Duffy Sean Duffy
    4. Paul Ryan Paul Ryan

    Fact Checks

    • Under this particular provision, one could perhaps make the case that they are being subsidized by low-tax states. But when you step back and look at the total revenue and spending picture, blue states could make the case that they are subsidizing other states, as various reports show they receive far less in federal spending than they pay in federal taxes.
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