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Offices Held

  1. Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Wisconsin's 7th district (2011-)


  1. The bottom line is: why are Texans and Floridians subsidizing your write-off for a 12% tax [cross-talk] for New York?


    Low-Tax States Subsidize High-Tax States Through the SALT Deduction
    High-tax states tend to get back much less from federal taxes than low-tax states.
    1. Steve Mnuchin Steve Mnuchin
    2. Kevin McCarthy Kevin McCarthy
    3. Mick Mulvaney Mick Mulvaney
    4. Paul Ryan Paul Ryan
  2. America has the highest tax rate in the industrialized world. Let’s Make America Competitive Again! #MAGA https://fairandsimple.gop/?utm_source=repseanduffy
    Deleted on Sep 15, 2017


    The US Has the Highest Corporate Tax Rate in the Developed World
    The US does have a high statutory rate (up to 35%), but significant deductions and exemptions mean companies actually end up paying a much lower rate; the effective tax rate is about average. Furthermore, while the statutory rate is relatively high, it is not the highest in the developed world; that distinction goes to the United Arab Emirates with rates up to 55%.
    1. Paul Ryan Paul Ryan
    2. John Shimkus John Shimkus
    3. Donald Trump Donald Trump
    4. Ted Cruz Ted Cruz
    5. Sarah Huckabee Sanders Sarah Huckabee Sanders
    6. John Barrasso John Barrasso
    7. John Thune John Thune
    8. Tom Graves Tom Graves
    9. Kevin Brady Kevin Brady
  3. The single-payer program was tried in Vermont, where Bernie Sanders is from. They had to scrap it, it was way too much money, they were going bankrupt.


    Vermont Single-Payer Health Care Was Scrapped Because It Was Going Bankrupt
    Vermont single-payer health care was never implemented.

    Fact Checks

    • Vermont adopted legislation for single-payer in 2011. But by 2014, Vermont’s governor abandoned the plan, saying the tax increases it needed would have been too high. In short, single-payer in Vermont didn’t go bankrupt; it was never even funded or implemented.
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